Stinson Studios

Oak Whiskey Tumblers


Experience your favourite spirit in a whole new way with an Oak Whiskey Tumbler, handmade in Canada at Stinson Studios. Replicating the slightly smokey, oak cask aging conditions of whiskey, these  tumblers, flame toasted on the inside, provide a rich sensory experience that aims to echo the Master Taster's first dip into the oak aging cask. Each tumbler is hand turned from a single block of white oak, dried for over six weeks, and then lightly charred on the inside to seal the wood grain and provide a slightly smokey aroma. The exterior is sanded smooth and polished with beeswax and pasteurized coconut oil, allowing you to feel the soft texture of the wood grain against your lip. These durable tumblers are perfect for use indoors or outdoors on the deck, boat, or patio. 

  • Tumbler holds up to 4oz
  • Available individually and in sets of two or four
  • Hand wash
  • Colour may be different than shown

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