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Gifts | Kids Under $50

Toys and games for under the tree and under $50

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Origami KitsOrigami Kits
Origami Kits Sale priceFrom $10.00
Kidoki GamesKidoki Games
Kidoki Games Sale priceFrom $10.00
Newton's Lab DIY KitsNewton's Lab DIY Kits
Newton's Lab DIY Kits Sale priceFrom $12.00
Crafters KitsCrafters Kits
Crafters Kits Sale priceFrom $12.00
Never Touch a...Never Touch a...
Never Touch a... Sale price $12.99
Do It Yourself KitsDo It Yourself Kits
Do It Yourself Kits Sale priceFrom $14.00
Creagami 3D Origami KitsCreagami 3D Origami Kits
Creagami 3D Origami Kits Sale priceFrom $14.00
Le Voyage d'Olga | MusicLe Voyage d'Olga | Music
Le Voyage d'Olga | Music Sale priceFrom $15.00
Moulin Roty Transfer KitsMoulin Roty Transfer Kits
Moulin Roty Transfer Kits Sale price $15.00
Candylab Americana CollectionCandylab Americana Collection
Candylab Americana Collection Sale priceFrom $15.00
Candycars Sale price $16.00
Bedtime Shadow BooksBedtime Shadow Books
Bedtime Shadow Books Sale price $16.00
Make Your Own Musical InstrumentMake Your Own Musical Instrument
Make Your Own Musical Instrument Sale priceFrom $16.00
Dog Bingo!Dog Bingo!
Dog Bingo! Sale price $16.00
Begin Again PuzzlesBegin Again Puzzles
Begin Again Puzzles Sale priceFrom $16.00
Artistic PatchArtistic Patch
Artistic Patch Sale priceFrom $18.00