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Reinvented modern textiles for your tabletop and floor

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Basketweave PlacematsBasketweave Placemats
Basketweave Placemats Sale priceFrom $18.00
Mini Basketweave PlacematsMini Basketweave Placemats
Mini Basketweave Placemats Sale price $24.00
Mosaic PlacematsMosaic Placemats
Mosaic Placemats Sale price $24.00
Ombré PlacematsOmbré Placemats
Ombré Placemats Sale price $24.00
Bamboo PlacematsBamboo Placemats
Bamboo Placemats Sale price $24.00
Origami PlacematsOrigami Placemats
Origami Placemats Sale price $26.00
Chilewich Shag Floor MatsChilewich Shag Floor Mats
Chilewich Shag Floor Mats Sale priceFrom $75.00
Chilewich Woven Floor Mats | WoodgrainChilewich Woven Floor Mats | Woodgrain
Chilewich Woven Floor Mat | MosaicChilewich Woven Floor Mat | Mosaic
Chilewich Woven Floor Mat | Mosaic Sale priceFrom $245.00
Chilewich Woven Floor Mats | Mini BasketweaveChilewich Woven Floor Mats | Mini Basketweave
Chilewich Woven Floor Mats | SwellChilewich Woven Floor Mats | Swell
Chilewich Woven Floor Mats | Swell Sale priceFrom $310.00
Chilewich Woven Floor Mat | ScoutChilewich Woven Floor Mat | Scout
Chilewich Woven Floor Mats | BasketweaveChilewich Woven Floor Mats | Basketweave
Chilewich Woven Floor Mat | BambooChilewich Woven Floor Mat | Bamboo