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Alessi's Little Treasures

At Bergo Designs, you may have noticed, we love Alessi. We love that for Alessi there is no piece too small to be treated as a design object. Even for items that have a prosaic function, Alessi treats them as little jewels. The aptly named Objets-Bijoux Collection, created in collaboration with some of the world's best designers, is quintessential Alessi.
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Frank Lloyd Wright | 150

On June 8th anyone who loves great design can raise a toast to the 150th anniversary of the birth of the architect, interior designer, writer, and educator Frank Lloyd Wright. Although born in the 19th century, his influence is still felt in the 21st century not just in his timeless work, but also in his approach to design and legacy of innovation.


“The mission of an architect is to help people understand how to make life more beautiful, the world a better one for living in, and to give reason, rhyme, and meaning to life.” Frank Lloyd Wright, 1957


Celebrate Frank Lloyd Wright with products inspired by his designs and created by ACME Studio in collaboration with The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. A portion of the sales of products from their Frank Lloyd Wright Collection supports the conservation and education programs of the Foundation.


ENNIS HOUSE | Los Angeles, CA 1924

Designed by Wright in 1923 and built in 1924 for Charles and Mabel Ennis, Ennis House is a prime example of Mayan Revival architecture. The house features symmetrical relief ornamentation on the interlocking pre-cast concrete blocks. Ennis House is a designated city, state, and national landmark. For those who can't make it to LA's Los Feliz neighbourhood to see this spectacular home, you can see it featured in films such as Blade Runner, The Day of the Locusts, The Rocketeer, and even in the show-within-the-show Invitation to Love on David Lynch's original Twin Peaks. ACME Studio's FLW Architect's Pencil Set replicates the relief design used throughout the Ennis House and stamps it in chrome on the mechanical pencil's grip. 


COONLEY PLAYHOUSE | Riverside, IL 1912



Considered by Wright himself to be one of his finest works, the Coonley Estate was built between 1908 and 1912 for Avery Coonley and his wife, Queene Ferry. Located in the Chicago suburb of Riverside, the estate is located on a small peninsula surrounded by the Des Plaines River. Wright had an unlimited budget and the unwavering support of the Coonley's, and he created a residential estate that represented the maturation of his Prairie Style of architecture. The blending of nature and structure, wide overhanging eaves, art glass windows, and free-flowing interiors are characteristic of this style and employed in the design of the buildings on the estate. The Coonley's were advocates of early education for children, and being a philanthropic couple they commissioned Wright to design a kindergarten for local children. The Avery Coonley School Playhouse (known as the Coonley Playhouse) was built in 1912. The design for the art glass windows in the Playhouse has become one of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous designs. The pattern was a departure from his usual style of straight lines – balloons, confetti, and American flags created a festive look for the children. ACME Studio used this playful pattern as decoration for their Coonley Playhouse Collection which includes their classic roller ball pen.





It survived Tokyo's devastating Great Kantō Earthquake of 1923 and the bombing of Tokyo during World War II, but all that remains today of Frank Lloyd Wright's Imperial Hotel is a recreation of the entry courtyard and reflecting pool which has been installed at the Meiji Mura Museum outside of Nagoya. Wright's dramatic Mayan Revival-style hotel was built on the site of the original Imperial Hotel, which was destroyed in a fire. Built from poured concrete, concrete block, and carved oya stone, and using Mayan inspired motifs, the hotel was stunning and dramatic and became Wright's best know work in Japan. Unfortunately, decay and economics factored in to the decision to demolish this architectural landmark. In 1967 Frank Lloyd Wright's Imperial Hotel met the wrecking ball, and was replaced by a high-rise tower. Along with the restoration at the Meiji Mura, designs from the Imperial Hotel live on in ACME Studio Imperial Collection. 

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Nominate Bergo

We hear it all of the time…"I love this store". If you have visited Bergo Designs you know that it’s hard to leave empty handed.  We like to think that we have something for everybody and that we have some of the most unique products in Toronto (and the best customers!) This is your chance to share the love. Toronto’s NOW Magazine is taking nominations for their popular Reader’s Choice Awards 2017 until June 30th. We’d be thrilled to be nominated in these categories – Best Unique Gift Store, and Best Online Retailer.
We’ll make it easy for you; just click on the link 
and go to the Shopping & Services category.
Happy voting!
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Loving Local Design

Toronto, by any measure, is a great city. We have great culture, great food, great sports, a Great Lake, and, most importantly, great people. An eclectic mix of cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, all bring a special vibrancy to life here. And that energy is transformed into design we can be proud of. In celebration of Canada Day, Bergo Designs would like to shine a spotlight on three companies, all based in Toronto, whose products our customers love. We love that their products are unique, trendy, of the highest quality, and are created on our home turf.

imm Living

Inspired by nature, hip-hop iconography, old and new visual worlds, imm Living has created an exciting product line that speaks to the mash-up of cultures in our hometown. They have created distinctive pieces and clearly had fun doing it. With designers from around the world, and a design language with no restrictions, imm Living is the go-to brand for functional pieces with a twist that will make you smile. Their Big Top Balloon Dog bookends are very near iconic. The Victorian Socialites canisters would look equally at home in the most traditional or modern decor. And who wouldn’t be delighted to put a fistful of coloured pencils inside the mouth of the King’s Subjects Hippopotamus Container? What better products to represent a city full of people that look pretty normal, but that we all know have a sly sense of humour? 

Pamela Lauz Jewellery

After a career in the software industry, Torontonian Pamela Lauz decided that what she really longed to do was create beautiful jewellery. Training to be a goldsmith and gemologist allowed her to combine her lifetime love of jewellery and architecture to create sculptural pieces of the highest quality. Working in precious metals and gemstones, Pamela’s work is characterized by stylized curves, dramatic angles, and a mix of textures. Each piece is crafted with care and dedication in Pamela’s studio in Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood, and Bergo is very pleased to showcase this talented local artist.


Craig Bahl, the founder and creative director of Toronto design company, Steelforme, thinks that the company has a pretty simple story. We live here, let’s craft things here. Using the most advanced machinery, Steelforme creates beautiful laser-cut stainless steel pieces with the craftsmanship that is almost a thing of the past. They “batch” produce rather than mass produce right here in Toronto. Steelforme’s collections of home decor accessories are inspired by nature (the Herd Collection), philosophy (the Confucius Collection), and math (the Pi Collection). Even their packaging is a thing of beauty, with a die cut design in the box lid of each piece, making these especially lovely gifts. Steelforme products can be seen in museum stores, galleries, and gift shops around the world, but we’re proud that these exquisite pieces can be found at Bergo, not too far from where they are produced. 

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Bergo Designs Celebrates 10 Years!

In May of 2006, Bergo Designs opened our doors with a small selection of design products from around the world. Two years later we expanded to include kitchen and household items, followed by Bergo Kids. Our newest addition is Bergo Stationery, where you will find unique cards, books, pens, and, of course, stationery. 

We are very excited to celebrate our 10th Anniversary.  Bergo Designs, in thanks to our loyal customers, will email you a $10 Gift Card, to be used on-line, for every $100 (before taxes) that you spend from May 20th through May 23rd, to be used on future purchases.

Please follow us throughout the summer as we will be drawing for great prizes. Prizes and winners will be posted on Facebook, Instagram and on our blog, so be sure to check regularly. To enter, just join our email list (subscribe on the home page), follow, like and share us on Instagram and Facebook. No purchase necessary.

Thank you for supporting Bergo and we look forward to bringing you another decade of unique, exciting, cutting edge designs.

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