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Article: Back to University with Bergo

Back to University with Bergo

Back to University with Bergo

Summer is winding down and it's time to start planning for heading to - or back to - university. Before the focus turns to academics there is the exciting matter of setting up your new space. Start with a blank canvas and get ready to infuse it with personality and comfort. Sydney, a second year university student, has curated a collection of essentials for your new home away from home. 


You may find yourself space-challenged in residence or in off-campus housing, so creative storage solutions are a must. 



Moona Storage Box / Umbra



Floralink Wall Vessels / Umbra


Bellwood Storage Caddy / Umbra
Felt IBED Storage / Kikkerland



You finally have a place where you can let your style shine. Mix some new designs in with favourite pieces from home. Small touches will make your new space the cozy place you’ll be excited to spend time in. 

Cordless Heart Lightbulb / Suck UK

Prickles the Hedgehog / Kikkerland

Palm Reader Stand / Kikkerland

Paint Can Candle / Whiskey River     


The desk may only be one of the places that you’ll be doing your work, but you must make sure it’s ready for use

Concrete Pen Holder / Kikkerland

The Reader Bookend / Balvi

Tso Sharp / Fred

USB Desk Fan / Kikkerland 


Keep it simple, but you’ll be preparing some food for yourself. A few kitchen tools are must haves if you’re not on a meal plan.

Nested Measuring Cups / Fred

Microwave Pasta Cooker / Léuké              

Cooks Carrot Peeler / Fred

Rockin' Pizza Cutter / Kikkerland



Kitchen clean-up and laundry - you’re on your own now. Washing up can be fun with the right items. 

Cat Laundry Bag / Kikkerland

Gnome Kitchen Sponge / Fred    

Screen Printed Dish Towel / BlueQ


Dust Monster / Kikkerland


Before you finish packing, Sydney suggests a few more things that shouldn’t be without…

Lightweight Collapsible Umbrella: Sky Lite Umbrella from MoMA for keeping dry as you trek across campus 


Water Bottle: Carry a colourful Pantone Thermo Stainless Steel Water Bottle to stay hydrated at all times

Key Organizer and Multitool: A key holder from Troika that cleverly also has five tools built in...because you never know when you'll need them


Journal: For taking notes or recording memorable moments, Karst Stone Journals are innovative and eco-friendly


Trivia Games: When you need some fun (and a break from the important things you're learning) show off your knowledge of all things trivial with a game from Brass Monkey





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