Vista Alegre

Vista Alegre Espresso Sets


The award winning designs from Vista Alegre, the renowned Portuguese brand of luxury porcelain since 1824, decorate sets of four cups and saucers that make sipping your espresso an extravagant experience. Collaborating with artists and designers, these sets from Vista Alegre are both modern and timeless. 

  • HETERÓNIMOS: designed by Catarina Pestana. A tribute to Portuguese poet and Lisbon icon, Fernando Pessoa.
  • FADO: Designed by Catarina Pestana. Celebrating Fado, the quintessential, expressive music of Portugal.
  • TCHAIKOVSKY: designed by Catarina Pestana. Honouring the great composer from the Romantic era.
  • PESSOA: designed by Gonçalo Viana. A different representation of Lisbon legend – and coffee lover – Fernando Pessoa.
  • CALÇADA PORTUGUESA: designed by Manoela Medeiros. An award winning design inspired by the cobblestone pavements of Lisbon. 
  • CINEMA PORTUGUÊS: designed by Catarina Pestana. Featuring iconic characters of Portuguese cinema of the 30's and 40's.
  • LOVE WHO YOU WANT: The unique and exuberant designs from the creative mind of Christian Lacroix.

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