Sizzle Lighters

Sizzle Sleek Lighters


Fuel-free. Eco-friendly. Rechargeable. The Sizzle Sleek Lighter is an elegant all-purpose flameless arc lighter with style. It will ignite your BBQ, candles, lanterns, gas or propane stoves, campfires, incense, mosquito coils, and fire tables - no butane needed. Produce a bright and powerful concentrated arc ignition from its tip by nudging your thumb forward on the switch. The lighter has an LED battery level indicator which displays the amount of charge left. Lighters fully charge from any USB device or USB adapter - just like your phone. Great for the house or cottage, it works in windy conditions.

  • On-off switch 
  • Comes with charging cable
  • Can ignite approximately 100 times on a single charge
  • Available in three finishes

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