Secrid Cardslide


The Cardslide is a flexible wallet from Secrid to address a new era of technology. Everything in the Secrid line of wallets starts with the Cardprotector. The Cardslide adds just that little bit more space. The aluminum Cardprotector protects your most important cards against bending and breaking. Most importantly, your RFID-enabled chip cards (e.g., credit and debit cards) are protected against wireless identity theft. Slide cards into the Cardprotector, and with a simple pull on the tab your cards slide out in a convenient layered arrangement for easy selection. With the Cardslide, you get the Cardprotector and an additional compartment for cash, coins, and receipts. This piece slides onto the Cardprotector and everything is held together by an elastic Moneyband. Configure the Cardslide to your liking – using all three pieces, the Cardprotector and the Moneyband, or just the Cardprotector on its own.

  • Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands

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