A spice mill that works with one or two hands, Dreamfarm's award-winning Ortwo is an innovative way to grind pepper or other whole spices. It works easily for one-handed grinding or with two hands for extra speed, ease, and an unmatched output. Ortwo’s custom designed, ultra-sharp ceramic grinder is fully adjustable, with six settings from super fine to coarse. Made from 95% alumina ceramic, it will never corrode, rust, or blunt and is perfect for all spices. Its large diameter allows for a generous output of any spice with ease. The wide-mouth, flat-bottomed glass spice jar is easy to fill, dishwasher safe, and tempered for strength. Ortwo rests on your table or worktop without making a mess thanks to its angled cylinder design and crumb-catching lip.

  • Jar capacity: 60ml

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