Londji Games


Londji Games are a delight for children and parents. Made in Barcelona and cheerfully illustrated, these games encourage learning, enhance memory, encourage observation, and inspire creativity. All Londji games are made sustainably with recycled materials and pieces come in a cloth bag for storage.

  • Roads: Ages 4+ / Road connecting game
  • Where is the Cheese?: Ages 3+ / Observation game
  • I Speak 6 Languages: Ages 6+ / Language learning game
  • The Whale and the Fish: Ages 3+ / "Calm" game (no rules or instructions for creative play)
  • Drac: Ages 3+ / "Calm" game
  • Inside Me: Ages 7+ / Body awareness game
  • My Monster: Ages 5+ / Observation game
  • Wild Animals: Ages 3+ / Memory game
  • Il Concerto: Ages 7+ Concentration and memory game

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