Hygge Games

Hygge Games


Games to play at gatherings large and small, Hygge Games are a great way to get the party started and keep it going. A terrific gift or perfect for game night!

  •  Before or After?: Guessing which of two events happened first, Was Caesar salad invented before or after the zipper? Which came first: tree-shaped air fresheners or roll-on deodorant?  Over 600 events come together in an unpredictable mix of excitement and nostalgia.
  • Brainfart: Players are faced with 1,100 inane, ridiculous, and laugh-out-loud questions. The challenge? To blurt out the opposite of the correct answer with no time for thinking. An entertaining game, where a yes is a no and a no is a yes! 
  • Honey: Would you ever get a tattoo with my name on it? What’s the best gift you’ve ever given someone? How well do you really know your significant other, your new hot date, or the person you’re about to marry? Need the goods on a possible Mr. or Mrs. Right? Here’s your chance!
  • I’m Not Saying You’re Stupid: How long can a dolphin hold its breath? At what temperature does popcorn pop? A fun and fresh game featuring over 400 questions that are random, hilarious, and almost impossible to answer just right. 
  • The Hygge Game: Bring people together by encouraging friends and family to share their stories and bond over discussions of the big and small things in life. The game has more than 300 thought-provoking questions designed to spark meaningful conversation and create the right atmosphere for a hygge evening. 
  • ...I Should Have Known That!: Be prepared to see how much you know without Google and Wikipedia at your fingertips! This is an addictively entertaining trivia game with over 400 questions about things that you should know. 
  • How Did You Know That?: An addictive trivia game where not just trivia buffs stand a chance. Do rhinos have tails? What is the most productive workday of the week? Can a goldfish live in carbonated water? Be the one to know!
  • Who In The Room?: A party game that reveals what you and your friends really think about each other. The game has more than 300 laugh-out-loud, unexpected, and personal questions that all start with the phrase Who in the room...?
  • Things They Don’t Teach You In School: Not your traditional trivia game with boring questions about who wrote the Sherlock Holmes stories or where the 1996 Summer Olympics were held. Why does the Mona Lisa not have any eyebrows? In what year was shampoo invented? Impress your friends with the right answer!
  • Top of Mind: An exciting and fast-paced game where you put your telepathy skills to the test! Try to guess what the other players will answer to more than 400 categories on a variety of subjects. The more people who answer the same as you, the more points you rack up.
  • Is That True?!: Suss out which statements are just plausible-sounding lies and which ones are head-spinning truths. Married men are better tippers than single men? The White House has no address?  A mix of random facts and pure baloney. It’s up to you to tell which is which! 
  • How Old Are You Really?: A hilarious game with more than 300 entertaining questions designed to diagnose your true age, no matter what it says on your driver’s license.
  • I Have This Friend: A revealing get-to-know-you game that can also be played as a drinking game. Players take turns reading over 200 embarrassing statements and then confess each time something applies to them.

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