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Father's Day $100 and up

Gift ideas for Dad from $100

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Tykho 3Tykho 3
Tykho 3 Sale price $100.00
Alessi Kastor RT02Kastor Pencil Sharpener
Kastor Pencil Sharpener Sale price $100.00
Cigar AshtraysCigar Ashtrays
Cigar Ashtrays Sale priceFrom $100.00
Beau Lowball TumblersBeau Lowball Tumblers
Beau Lowball Tumblers Sale price $100.00
Craighill Eyewear StandCraighill Eyewear Stand
Craighill Eyewear Stand Sale price $100.00
Secrid CardslideSecrid Cardslide
Secrid Cardslide Sale price $100.00
Secrid | Matte MiniwalletSecrid | Matte Miniwallet
Secrid | Matte Miniwallet Sale price $100.00
Secrid | Matte SlimwalletSecrid | Matte Slimwallet
Secrid | Matte Slimwallet Sale price $100.00
Secrid | Matte Stitched CollectionSecrid | Matte Stitched Collection
Secrid Original Miniwallet BlackSecrid | Original Miniwallet
Secrid | Original Miniwallet Sale price $100.00
Secrid | Original SlimwalletSecrid | Original Slimwallet
Secrid | Original Slimwallet Sale price $100.00
Secrid | Vintage MiniwalletSecrid Miniwallet Vintage Black w/ Black Cardholder
Secrid | Vintage Miniwallet Sale price $100.00
Secrid | Vintage SlimwalletSecrid | Vintage Slimwallet
Secrid | Vintage Slimwallet Sale price $100.00
Slim Sleeve WalletSlim Sleeve Wallet
Slim Sleeve Wallet Sale price $100.00
Gentlemen Whiskey Set
Gentlemen Whiskey Set Sale price $100.00
Alessi Ossidiana Espresso maker 6 cup MT18/6Ossidiana Espresso Coffee Maker
Ossidiana Espresso Coffee Maker Sale priceFrom $105.00