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Kitchen Storage

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Moona Storage BoxMoona Storage Box
Moona Storage Box Sale price $60.00
LulàJar Sale price $65.00
Mio JarMio Jar
Mio Jar Sale priceFrom $65.00
Values Collection | Twergi JarsValues Collection | Twergi Jars
Values Collection | Twergi Jars Sale priceFrom $70.00
Opeso Mortar and PestleOpeso Mortar and Pestle
Opeso Mortar and Pestle Sale price $74.00
Atmos Vacuum Canister
Atmos Vacuum Canister Sale price $74.00
Veneer Collection | JarsVeneer Collection | Jars
Veneer Collection | Jars Sale priceFrom $75.00
Nordic CollectionNordic Collection
Nordic Collection Sale price $80.00
BOX-IT Bread BoxBOX-IT Bread Box
BOX-IT Bread Box Sale priceFrom $84.00
Tassen Storage JarsTassen Storage Jars
Tassen Storage Jars Sale priceFrom $97.00
Mattina Butter DishMattina Butter Dish
Mattina Butter Dish Sale price $99.00
Mattina Paper Towel HolderMattina Paper Towel Holder
Mattina Paper Towel Holder Sale price $99.00
Cactus! Napkin Holder
Cactus! Napkin Holder Sale price $105.00
Bernadotte Paper Towel Holder
Alessi Bunny & Carrot Kitchen Roll Holder ASG42/H WBunny & Carrot Kitchen Roll Holder
Vice CanistersVice Canisters
Vice Canisters Sale priceFrom $112.00