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Activities & Puzzles

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KidzLabs KitsKidzLabs Kits
KidzLabs Kits Sale priceFrom $20.00
DIY Miniature Dollhouse KitsDIY Miniature Dollhouse Kits
Little Puzzle ThingLittle Puzzle Thing
Little Puzzle Thing Sale price $24.00
Begin Again A to Z PuzzlesBegin Again A to Z Puzzles
Begin Again A to Z Puzzles Sale priceFrom $16.00
Newton's Lab DIY KitsNewton's Lab DIY Kits
Newton's Lab DIY Kits Sale priceFrom $12.00
DIY Dollhouse KitsDIY Dollhouse Kits
DIY Dollhouse Kits Sale price $65.00
Do It Yourself KitsDo It Yourself Kits
Do It Yourself Kits Sale priceFrom $14.00
Origami KitsOrigami Kits
Origami Kits Sale priceFrom $10.00
Kinpotik Sale priceFrom $30.00
Puzz' ArtPuzz' Art
Puzz' Art Sale price $26.00
Artistic PatchArtistic Patch
Artistic Patch Sale priceFrom $18.00
Djeco Silhouette Puzzles for 5+Djeco Silhouette Puzzles for 5+
Djeco Silhouette Puzzles for 4+Djeco Silhouette Puzzles for 4+
Djeco Silhouette Puzzles for 3+Djeco Silhouette Puzzles for 3+
Perso & Cie Character StampsPerso & Cie Character Stamps
Magic Gold Edition
Magic Gold Edition Sale price $60.00