Dutch Industrial Design Studio

Waals World Time Clocks


Designed by Charlotte Van der Waals to keep track of her son on his global travels, the World Time Clock features a case that allows you to tell time in all time zones with a simple rotation of the clock. The Seiko timepiece is surrounded by a barrel case etched with the name of an international city in each of the 24 Global Time Zones. To find the local time in a desired time zone, turn the clock so that the city representing that time zone is at the top. To determine if the hour is AM or PM: "In the west the time is less, in the east time increases". This pocket-sized clock makes the perfect gift for any jet setter (or worried parent!).

  • Diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Available in solid matte finished stainless steel or black ABS hard plastic
  • Made in The Netherlands 

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