Tassen Bowl | Hopeful


Dedicating their energy to creating a new bowl for these unprecedented times, Tassen introduces the Hopeful Bowl. During the global coronavirus pandemic, the protective face mask has emerged as a symbol of a hopeful way to protect the community and control the spread of COVID-19. Part of the line of porcelain bowls with charmingly expressive faces, this bowl sports everyone’s must-have accessory, the face mask. Starting with a passion for computer-animated characters created by the computer animation studio FIFTYEIGHT 3D, this expressive face has been brought to life as a functional piece for the table. Made of high quality porcelain, all Tassen Bowls are produced in Germany at one of Europe’s leading porcelain factories with state-of-the-art technical know-how. For each Hopeful Bowl sold, Tassen will donate a portion of the proceeds to a helpful and beneficial cause.

  • 500ml

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