Sun and Moon Watch

Mr Jones Watches

With the Sun and Moon watch Mr Jones Watches revives a very old watch design: "Sun and Moon" timepieces were first produced in Britain in the late 1600s when clockmakers were experimenting with ways to represent the time. This visualisation of the time is both logical and elegant. The hours on Sun and Moon are indicated by the position of the sun or moon in the crescent shape on the dial. The crescent represents 12 hours with the time running from left to right. At 6am the sun rises on the left, it reaches the apex of the crescent at midday, then continues until it reaches the last marker on the right at 6pm. After 6pm the sun sets while the moon rises on the left, the position of the moon therefore marks the hours from 6pm until 6am. The minutes are displayed in the centre dial and these run in the conventional way, so each marker represents five minutes. A parade of animals populate the day and night sides of the disc, roughly mapped to the times of day when they would naturally appear. 


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