Secrid | Twist Collection


With the look and feel of iconic twill fabric, but with the durability and character of leather, Secrid's Twist Slimwallet is a modern take on a classic billfold. Designed in the Netherlands to address this new era of technology, the innovative and stylish Secrid wallets protect both your privacy and your money. The Slimwallet includes the ultra-thin aluminum Cardprotector, which protects your RFID-enabled chip cards (e.g., credit and debit cards) from wireless theft and protects against bending and breaking. Slide cards into the Cardprotector, and with a simple pull on the tab your cards slide out in a convenient layered arrangement for easy selection. The interior of the wallets provides additional space for a few more cards, paper money, receipts, business cards, or coins. 

  • Duo-toned fabric look
  • European cowhide
  • Made in the Netherlands and Germany

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