Secrid | Saffiano Twinwallet


A favourite finish for luxury leather goods for decades due to its timeless appearance, scratch resistant surface, and long lifespan, Saffiano leather is a beautiful match for Secrid wallets. Secrid wallets are designed and manufactured in the Netherlands to address a new era of technology and guard against the reach of digital pickpockets. They protect both your privacy and your money. Each Twinwallet includes two ultra-thin aluminum Cardprotectors, which safeguard your RFID-enabled chip cards (e.g., credit and debit cards) from wireless theft and protects against bending and breaking. Slide cards into the Cardprotector, and with a simple pull on the tab your cards slide out in a convenient layered arrangement for easy selection. The interior of the wallets provide additional space for a few more cards, paper money, receipts, business cards, or coins. The Twinwallet has a snap closure to secure your valuables. 

  • Made in the Netherlands from European cowhide
  • Saffiano embossing

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