Screw Cancer Collection


It all started with a screwdriver. With cancer touching the lives of so many people, the founders of Grappleworks created this premium collection of SCREW CANCER branded products which combines the good feelings of gift giving with charitable giving. The E1 MULTI 8 screwdriver, with its award-winning design by Joseph Hofer, not only looks great but has a pull-off magnetic end cap, four long sturdy blades with eight bits, and storage for the blades in the handle. The unisex, super-soft tee shirt and leather anchor-clasp bracelet can be worn every day, sending a powerful message. Slim style BPA-free water bottles are lightweight and slip easily into backpacks, purses, or laptop bags. The grip handle makes it easy to hold while walking or running. Supporting young adults and their families impacted by cancer, Grappleworks donates 10% of its profits to causes both locally and nationally. Great to give, these beautifully designed pieces make the perfect gift for anyone affected by cancer.

  • Lifetime warranty on the screwdriver
  • 400 ml water bottle
  • Anchor Bracelet sizing: 7" / small, 7.5" / medium, 8.25" large

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