Biegert & Funk

QLOCKTWO Classic Wall Clock | Gold


You will never look at time the same way again! QLOCKTWO is the product of the German design team Biegert & Funk and is the recipient of more than twenty international design awards. It literally tells you what time it is, and can do so in 15 different languages. The words change in five minute increments, with four small illuminated corner points displaying the minutes in between. The stainless steel surface of the stunning Creator's Edition Gold is covered with 24K gold leaf applied by hand. A wide array of colours, languages, custom covers, and body colours are available on request. Prices vary depending on the material of the clock face and body colour.

  • Special order. Ships in 1-2 weeks.
  • Classic size: 45cm x 45cm
  • English language cover
  • Many sizes, finishes, and languages available. Contact us for more information on ordering from the complete QLOCKTWO line. 
  • QLOCKTWO Wall Clocks are not battery operated. Must be hardwired or plugged in.
  • Ships to Canada and the US only

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