Plissé Electric Citrus Squeezer


Part of designer Michele De Lucchi's Plissé collection of elegant electric small appliances for Alessi, the Plissé Electric Citrus Squeezer is a spectacular design object that perfectly marries fashion, function, and design. The signature pleated design of the collection and the faceted lid transforms it into a small slice of domestic architecture. With a squeezing cone, stainless steel filter, container with a stainless steel pouring spout, and a motorized body that contains the power cord, this piece makes juicing oranges, lemons, and limes a simple task. The Citrus Squeezer is beautiful enough to leave on display on your counter and coordinates with other pieces of this striking collection.

  • Thermoplastic resin body
  • Non-slip base
  • Some parts are dishwasher safe
  • Cable integrates into the base

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