Peugeot Spices


Use the finest spices in the finest mills with Peugeot's exclusive collection of salts and pepper sourced from around the world. White Crystal Salt from Germany is ideal for adding flavour to any dish and grinds beautifully in Peugeot's classic salt mills. The Tan Hoi Black Pepper, harvested in Vietnam, offers warm woody notes. It develops a strong, full spicy flavour and is perfect with red meat, oily fish, or potato-based dishes. Guérande Wet Sea Salt, from the Guérande salt marshes in France, is hand-harvested using the traditional skills of the salt workers. Known for its high concentration of mineral and trace elements, it will subtly enhance the taste of your dishes. This wet salt is perfectly adapted to the Peugeot mill equipped with the wet salt mechanism. 

  • Only available for shipping in Canada
  • Wet salt for use in West Salt Mills only

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