Noè Wine Collection


Alessi's Noè Wine Collection is named for the Bible's first wine aficionado. Noè (Italian for Noah) was not just famous for his ark, but also for his passion for wine. Perhaps his love of wine allowed him to live to the age of 950. But whatever wine does for our longevity, designer Giulio Iacchetti honours the nectar of the gods with each piece in this collection. The modular Wine Bottle Holder is designed to resemble an upside-down bunch of grapes. Each module holds one bottle and can be easily connected to two other modules by means of a groove located along the base. The capacious Noè Ice Tub can hold up to 5 bottles of wine or 2 magnums of Champagne for chilling. In Iacchetti's modern interpretation of a classic sommelier’s corkscrew, opening your next wine bottle is an easy task. Designed in the shape of a stylized key, a nod to the concept of opening, the ring houses a foil cutter and the handle conceals the worm. The Noè corkscrew will allow you to be your own sommelier at your next dinner party. The Champagne Bottle Opener, resembling the shape of a bottle, cuts the wire cage that holds the cork in place. If the cork should get stuck in the neck you can pinch the cork to release it. Have anything left in the bottle? The Noè Champagne and Wine Bottle Stopper has an expanding seal.

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