Newton's Lab DIY Kits


Make your own Painting Pendulum or Periscope with DIY kits from Kikkerland. Experiment with the forces of gravity while making art at the same time. See what's around the corner or over walls with a periscope that you build. Learn about robotics. Learn about aerodynamics and keep a ball floating. Each kit comes with what you need to create toys that helps you learn while having fun.

  • Painting Pendulum: Comes with die-cut cardboard pieces, string, blue tempera paint, syringe
  • Periscope: Comes with die-cut cardboard pieces, acrylic mirror
  • Hydraulic Claw: Comes with  die-cut cardboard pieces, PVC tubing, 10ml syringe, and screws
  • Bernoulli Levitation Ball: comes with ball, tubes and card

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