Luxe Dominoes

Luxe Games


Dedicated to making dominoes - and other classic games - stylish design objects, Luxe Dominoes are too fabulous to be hidden away. When not in play, these games look chic on your coffee table. Luxe Dominoes games are hand-made in Miami from sparkling acrylic.

  • El Ajedrez 3D Chess Set: Each chess piece is made from round acrylic discs that come together in abstract but recognizable  forms
  • El Mahjong: Classic mahjong tiles with instructions, point markers and racks in a clear acrylic storage box with a slide-on top
  • El Word Guess: A board game inspired by the popular online game, Wordle. 
  • El Reverso: A modern take on the game Othello
  • El Catire Dominoes: Jumbo tournament-sized dominoes in a clear acrylic box with a Zebrawood slide-on top and racks

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