Duke Cannon Supply Co.

Duke Cannon Solid Cologne


A fool-proof way to smell good on-the-go, Duke Cannon's Solid Colognes are for the hard working traveling man. These concentrated cologne balms melt with the warmth of your finger and allows for precise application. The 1.5 ounce tin is perfect for tossing in to briefcases, gym bags, or carry-ons. All colognes are made with natural and certified organic ingredients. Made in the USA and inspired by and reviewed by active duty US soldiers, a portion of the proceeds go to support veteran causes.

  • Naval Supremacy / Sea: light, freshwater fragrance with subtle notes of citrus
  • Redwood / Land: masculine and warm containing hints of sandalwood, amber, citrus, rosemary, and clove
  • Open Skies / Air: crisp and light and smells like fresh mountain air after the rain
  • Oak Barrel / Bourbon: a woodsy, oak barrel scent inspired by the rack houses at the Buffalo Trace Distillery

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