Cutea Collection


Umbra's Cutea Collection combines modernist matte ceramic and shiny stainless steel for a fresh tea-time look. The Cutea Teapot, designed by David Green and Eugénie De Loynes, produces three cups of perfectly brewed tea. It is fitted with a fine-mesh tea infuser for brewing loose-leaf teas and which can be removed for brewing tea bags. The ergonomically shaped handle makes for easy pouring. Store your tea leaves or bags, sugar, or coffee in the stackable Cutea Tea Canister, designed by David Green and Martin Luu. The silicone gasket provides and air tight seal. The clever Cutea Infuser has a wide lid to load tea leaves and for easy cleaning. Pull the chain out, steep your tea, and tuck the chain away when you're done. It fits into the matte white ceramic saucer, designed by Eugénie De Loynes to hold the infuser and catch any drips.

  • Canister capacity: 500ml 

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