Final Touch

Conundrum Aerators

A Conundrum Aerator from Final Touch lets you enhance the flavour of your wine without waiting for it to breath in an open bottle or decanter. The unique multi-stage aeration and oxygenation system provides up to twice as much scent and flavour compared to serving from a bottle or traditional decanter. The On-the-Bottle Aerator is a two-stage system; in the first stage the wine travels from the bottle into the first chamber, gently disbursing it over the curves of the aerator. This first exposure to oxygen immediately increases scent and flavour. As the wine flows into the larger chamber, it travels strategically over the curves of the aerator a second time, providing aeration and oxygenation. Pour directly from the bottle and your wine glass is bursting with the ideal flavour and bouquet. The Aerator for Decanters enhances the wine decanting experience with a three-stage process including pouring wine through a stainless steel filter to catch sediment. The wine is disbursed through holes in the stainless steel aerator, flowing into your decanter and opening up your wine for a superior taste.

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