Wireless Tech

Enjoy your music anywhere you go with portable wireless speakers, earphones, and earbuds. 




Remember when speakers took up a lot of real estate and never, ever moved once you brought them home? That bigger meant better when it came to sound quality? No more. Now that we can take our music library in our pocket, we need speakers just as portable. That produce clear, undistorted sound, even with the volume turned way up. Take your music with you with these staff favourites.

U Micro and U Mini Speakers

Be prepared to be blown away by these small-scale speakers. Very small-scale. Measuring just over an inch, the Micro is the smallest wireless speaker on the market. Not much larger, the Mini comes in at just under two inches. Despite their size, the U Speakers have a 3 Watt output, the same as far more expensive Bluetooth speakers. The sound quality, however, is determined by the signal to noise ratio, which determines the clarity of the sound. With an an excellent 80 decibel output, the U speakers produce clean audio at any volume without distortion. You can also pair a single speaker with other U Speakers, to have sound around the whole house. 

The Lexon Mino also packs a big punch in a small footprint. For a speaker that you can hold in the palm of your hand, the Mino also has a 3 Watt output with great sound quality at any volume.



No one will guess that this bird streams. Is it a light that plays music or a speaker that lights up? It's both! The JinGoo Bluetooth Speaker features a mono 2-way speaker, the low frequency woofer is positioned in the base structure and its sound waves are reflected by the ceramic tail of the bird. A wide stereo effect is created with the sound waves from the tweeter located in the bird's body. The design allows the woofer and tweeter to work together for balanced sound. JinGoo is a unique way to add the ambiance of music and light to your home. 


Using Touch Technology, Swipe's Boombox Touch Speaker is unbelievably simple to use. No wires and no need to connect with Bluetooth. Simply sit your device on top of the 80s-styled boombox speaker and your music gets loud! Using near field audio (NFA) technology, the speaker grabs the magnetic field of the cellphone’s speaker using induction, and then runs that signal into its own amp and speakers, amplifying the sound. Like boom boxes from the past (but smaller and lighter), and 10 hours playtime per charge, you can take the party with you wherever you go.