Get Puzzled: The Benefits of Jigsaw Puzzles

While incredibly daunting at first, there are several benefits to completing jigsaw puzzles. I started doing them as a way to keep my brain active, and I quickly became addicted to them. Some nights, I would tell myself, “I am going to try and get a few pieces done, and then I will go to bed.” – Next thing I knew, I had spent two hours on a puzzle, and it was way past midnight! Jigsaw puzzles are a timeless activity that presents a new challenge with every unique image.

Here is why YOU should get into jigsaw puzzles:

  • completing jigsaw puzzles provide people with a sense of accomplishment 
  • and literally helps us see the big picture in our own lives.

    It’s true, the closer I got to completing my first 1000-piece puzzle, the happier I felt and the more encouraged I was to keep going. It’s the small victories that keep life exciting!

    Recently, I have completed at least four 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles, and now I am ready for an extra challenge. These Areaware gradient puzzles designed by Bruce Wilner come in small (100 pieces), medium (500 pieces), and large (1000 pieces). Carefully look for the subtle differences in colour to assemble it and feel proud once it’s completed!

    Sometimes people are turned off of doing puzzles because they believe they are stressful; however, I find that to be quite the opposite. Focusing on the task at hand of sorting pieces and looking at colours and shapes has helped my concentration, stress levels, and problem-solving skills. With that, I try to see things differently in other aspects of life.

    Designer Ellen van Dusen of Dusen Dusen created these bold, colourful pattern puzzles inspired by fine art, commercial, and naïve design. Zoning in on the various shapes will provide a challenging, yet relaxing activity for those appreciative of modern art.

    Unplug from social media and screens by completing a puzzle as a group activity. This is especially important for parents to do with their children. Aside from quality time, jigsaw puzzles have proven to be an effective tool for developmental support (i.e. physical, cognitive, emotional) and for keeping both sides of the brain engaged.

    • Completed puzzles make decorative wall art!

    After all that hard work, sometimes a puzzle is too beautiful to take apart. In fact, I have glued together almost every puzzle I have done because I could not let go. Furthermore, using jigsaw puzzles as home decor are inexpensive solutions to dress up any room of the house.

    Try out these uniquely shaped 500-piece DOIY Slow Puzzles and frame in the office once finished. Included in each box are adhesive sheets for easy "gluing".

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    Victoria is Bergo Designs' chief 1980's fanatic and lover of all things bright and colourful.