Award Winning Design at Bergo

“Design is orientation. Design is differentiation. Design makes brands strong”.

Are you passionate about design? Do you appreciate the quality of the products and the functionality of the things you buy? As Germany’s leading design authority, the German Design Council appreciates those same qualities and has the objective to promote society’s awareness of what design entails and to support companies in their journey to create the best designs for everyday use.

This week, the German Design Council is awarding the best design contributions of 2018 in the German Design Awards Gala. The nominees and winners stand out due to their design quality, branding, innovation, graphics, user-friendliness, functionality, sustainability and manufacturing techniques, just to name a few.

We are excited to announce that at Bergo you can find some of the 2018 and past winners, nominees, and special mention brands and products that will make your household and everyday life more than ordinary.



THE MONKEY: This radio/BT speaker, designed by RSW, provides a unique and playful design that will accompany you anywhere you go. If you are biking around town, working out at the gym, or just having a quiet time at home, the monkey’s antenna will adapt to its surrounding for you to enjoy your favourite music. Fabricated with spring steel, the Monkey roll-up antenna makes this mobile companion a compact, clean, and really useful piece. According to Palomar's designers, "in reality there is a different and possibly deeper definition of innovation: the ability to invent and propose new meanings and give new significance to the objects that surround us. This ability has always been a prerogative of the design world, an ability certainly connected to but not dependent on technological innovation."


HERE: Designed for Palomar, created this wonderful world map through the analysis and intersection of atlases and globes. At first, HERE looks like an Atlas represented in a 2D surface, but after a few seconds, it can be turned into a three dimensional and pin-able world. The jury said "HERE is a lovely accessory that impressively presents all of your previous travel destinations. This original map of the world, made of paper, instantly becomes a three-dimensional globe on which you can easily and clearly mark the places you’ve been." The quality of the graphics and material of HERE makes this a delicate, light and sophisticated piece.