Loving Local Design

Toronto, by any measure, is a great city. We have great culture, great food, great sports, a Great Lake, and, most importantly, great people. An eclectic mix of cultures, ethnicities, nationalities, all bring a special vibrancy to life here. And that energy is transformed into design we can be proud of. In celebration of Canada Day, Bergo Designs would like to shine a spotlight on three companies, all based in Toronto, whose products our customers love. We love that their products are unique, trendy, of the highest quality, and are created on our home turf.

imm Living

Inspired by nature, hip-hop iconography, old and new visual worlds, imm Living has created an exciting product line that speaks to the mash-up of cultures in our hometown. They have created distinctive pieces and clearly had fun doing it. With designers from around the world, and a design language with no restrictions, imm Living is the go-to brand for functional pieces with a twist that will make you smile. Their Big Top Balloon Dog bookends are very near iconic. The Victorian Socialites canisters would look equally at home in the most traditional or modern decor. And who wouldn’t be delighted to put a fistful of coloured pencils inside the mouth of the King’s Subjects Hippopotamus Container? What better products to represent a city full of people that look pretty normal, but that we all know have a sly sense of humour? 

Pamela Lauz Jewellery

After a career in the software industry, Torontonian Pamela Lauz decided that what she really longed to do was create beautiful jewellery. Training to be a goldsmith and gemologist allowed her to combine her lifetime love of jewellery and architecture to create sculptural pieces of the highest quality. Working in precious metals and gemstones, Pamela’s work is characterized by stylized curves, dramatic angles, and a mix of textures. Each piece is crafted with care and dedication in Pamela’s studio in Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood, and Bergo is very pleased to showcase this talented local artist.


Craig Bahl, the founder and creative director of Toronto design company, Steelforme, thinks that the company has a pretty simple story. We live here, let’s craft things here. Using the most advanced machinery, Steelforme creates beautiful laser-cut stainless steel pieces with the craftsmanship that is almost a thing of the past. They “batch” produce rather than mass produce right here in Toronto. Steelforme’s collections of home decor accessories are inspired by nature (the Herd Collection), philosophy (the Confucius Collection), and math (the Pi Collection). Even their packaging is a thing of beauty, with a die cut design in the box lid of each piece, making these especially lovely gifts. Steelforme products can be seen in museum stores, galleries, and gift shops around the world, but we’re proud that these exquisite pieces can be found at Bergo, not too far from where they are produced.