A Sneak Peek at a Special Watch

If you’ve ever visited us at our store in the Distillery District you’ll know that we have always carried an extensive selection of truly unique watches. There is probably no better place in Toronto to find a timepiece, whether you are looking for something classic, on trend, or a real conversation piece. Which brings us to Mr Jones Watches. 

Crispin Jones, the Mr Jones of the brand, has a singular vision for his watches. They should be more than just a functional item…they should also amuse, delight and make you think about the concept of time. Mr Jones Watches have become a cult brand in London, and Bergo customers love these watches too. 

We are excited to give you a sneak peek at a limited edition watch from MJW that will be arriving soon, the Flying Scotsman. This watch celebrates the iconic locomotive from the golden age of steam trains. The Flying Scotsman first came to international prominence in 1928 when it made a non-stop run from London to Edinburgh, a huge achievement at the time. The watch tracks the journey made by the Flying Scotsman according to the 1931 timetable, leaving Kings Cross at 10 in the morning and arriving at Edinburgh at 6:15 in the evening. A revolving pictorial disc tracks the landmarks which the train passed on its journey. Each of these special watches is assembled by hand.